Nottingham Canal Underbridge 23 (ELR: TSN2)

The Nottingham Canal Underbridge scheme required replacement of a two-span deck and removal of adjacent redundant decks.  The need to remove the ‘Up Newark’ bridge decks was driven by their life-expired condition, leading to poor track quality and constant heavy maintenance.  The track was originally supported on long timber bearers which required frequent realignment for gauge clearance.  An abnormal possession for the replacement of the bridges was planned for Christmas 2018 with design work commencing in the January.

FJD Consulting’s solution, developed on behalf of J Murphy & Sons and Network Rail (LNE), saw the replacement of the longer span of the two-span bridge with a new steel fabricated bridge.  The second shorter span had to support the points and points motor of the Up line and therefore needed a greater width for space to accommodate all the apparatus.  Therefore, a bespoke filler beam deck was developed.  A third new deck was also installed and provided a permanent walking route for track and train-crew, also supporting signal and telecommunication cables which were permanently slewed onto it and remained functional at all times during the works.

FJD Consulting undertook the complex detailed design and managed the co-ordination of a number of railway systems interfaces to deliver this replacement structure within a very short programme. The bridges now provide ballasted track and low maintenance assets for the foreseeable future.  BIM Level 2 technology was used in production of our design.